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IEEE ICRA 2006 ICRA 07 Science and Physics Conferences

32nd EPS Plasma Physics Conference, 2005
Official site of the 32nd EPS Plasma Physics Conference, July 2005

AVS Symposia and Conferences
List of conferences organized by the American Vacuum Society.

Conferences on Atomic and Plasma Physics
List of conferences on atomic and plasma physics with the corresponding links.

Directory of Plasma Conferences
Comprehensive list of plasma science conferences.

Division of Plasma Physics
American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics. Site includes a list of upcoming DPP annual meetings as well as other useful information.

ICPIG Conference eindhoven 2005
ICPIG 2005, The 17th International Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases, Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Meetings of the American Physical Society
Comprehensive list of APS meetings including unit meetings, meeting calendar, and BAPS program archives.

REC Plasma - Conferences on Plasma Physics
In Russian. List of upcoming Russian as well as international conferences and workshops on plasma physics.

Sherwood Fusion Theory Conference
Annual conference on controlled thermonuclear fusion research. Accommodations, registration, program.

Astronomy - Plasma Physics Plasma Physics Plasma Physics Plasma Physics Framework
Fundamentals f Plasma Physics

Atomic Data for Astrophysics
Photoionization; Recombination; Collisional ionization and autoionization; Charge transfer; Auger processes Energy levels, wavelengths, transition probabilities; Collision strengths, excitation rates; Stark broadening; Opacities; Fortran subroutines and other Databases for Atomic and Plasma Physics.

Atomic Data for Fusion
The Controlled Fusion Atomic Data Center.

Atomic Line List v2.01
A compilation of approximately 890,000 allowed, intercombination and forbidden atomic transitions with wavelengths in the range from 0.5 ┼ to 1000 Ám.

Cross-Section Libraries
Coupled NEUTRON-GAMMA Cross-Section. Los Alamos National Lab, USA.

Databases for Atomic and Plasma Physics
Collection of several links to databases for Atomic and Plasma Physics: Opacities, Atomic spectra, Electron-Impact Ionization Cross Sections, Electron binding energies, X-Ray emission lines, Photoionization, Recombination, Collisional Ionization and Autoionization, Charge Transfer, Auger Processes, Energy Levels, Wavelengths, Transition Probabilities, Collision Strengths, Excitation Rates, Stark Broadening, and much more (from: WIS Plasma Laboratory).

FUSE Atomic Data Page
Provides atomic data (statistical weights, transition probablilities, and oscillator strengths) for elements Hydrogen (including Deuterium) up to Ge (atomic number 32), plus Tables of UV lines sorted by wavelength.

IAEA Nuclear Data Services
Provides access to databases, documents, programs and files. Maintained by the IAEA's Nuclear Data Centre.

National Nuclear Data Center
The National Nuclear Data Center (NNDC) is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy to provide information services in the fields of low and medium energy nuclear physics to users in the United States and Canada. In particular, the Center can provide information on neutron, charged-particle, and photonuclear reactions, nuclear structure, and decay data.

NIST Atomic Spectroscopic Database
Critical compilation of atomic energy levels, wavelengths and transition probabilities from NIST, US.

NIST Physical Reference Data
Research database from NIST, US.

Nuclear Data
Los Alamos National Lab USA. Neutron, photon, electron, dosimetry, and thermal neutron S(alpha, beta) data libraries are provided for radiation transport codes.

The IAEA Nuclear Data Guide
Catalog of nuclear data information available - online or off-line - from the IAEA Nuclear Data Section.

WIS List of Databases for Atomic and Plasma Physics
From: Plasma Laboratory of Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

X-Ray & Gamma-Ray
NIST Physical Reference Data, US.

X-Ray Absorption Coefficients
Program to calculate X-ray absorption coefficients, also edge energies, fluorescence yield; MUCAL on the Web Mucal on the web.

X-Ray Interactions with Matter
Atomic x-ray scattering factor files, x-ray properties of the elements and a calculator for synchrotron bent magnet radiation, published by the Center for X-Ray Optics at LBNL.

X-Ray WWW Server
This is the repository of the COREX bibliography and database, the Henke atomic scattering factors, and other information of interest to x-ray spectroscopists. It provides links to additional locations for information about x-ray research.

Introduction to Superconductivity : Second Edition (Dover Books on Physics) by Michael Tinkham 

(Paperback) Ieee Transactions On Applied Superconductivity [MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION] 4 issues/12 months Superconductivity by Charles P., Jr Poole, et al (Paperback) Engineering Superconductivity by Peter J. Lee (Editor) (Hardcover) Superconductivity by V. L. Ginzburg, et al (Hardcover) The Theory of Superconductivity in the High-Tc Cuprate Superconductors by P. W. Anderson (Hardcover)

Theory of Superconductivity
(Frontiers in physics) by John Robert Schrieffer (Hardcover)

Superfluidity and Superconductivity
(Graduate Student Series in Physics)
by David R. Tilley, J. Tilley (Paperback)

Introduction to Superconductivity and High-Tc Materials
by Michel Cyrot, Davor Pavuna (Paperback)

Superconductivity (Superconductivity) by R.D. Parks, R. D. Parks (Hardcover)

Superconductivity of metals and alloys
(Advanced book classics)
by Pierre-Gilles de Gennes

Superconductivity by J. B. Ketterson, S. N. Song (Paperback) Handbook of Superconductivity by Charles K. Poole, et al (Hardcover) Superconductivity, Superfluids, and Condensates (Oxford Master Series in Condensed Matter Physics) by 

James F. Annett (Paperback)

Solid State & Superconductivity Abstracts
[MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION] 5 issues/12 months

Superconductor Newsletter --
Exclusive info on superconductivity technology,
business and markets --

Superconductivity (VJ) --
Read abstracts of current articles
from AIP & APS journals. --

Case Studies in Superconducting Magnets :
Design and Operational Issues
(Selected Topics in Superconductivity)
by Yukikazu Iwasa (Hardcover)

Fractional Statistics and Anyon Superconductivity
by Frank Wilczek (Paperback)

Handbook of Theoretical and Computational Nanotechnology
by Pierre-Gilles De Gennes (Foreword), et al (Hardcover)

Capillarity and Wetting Phenomena : Drops, Bubbles, Pearls, Waves by Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, et al 

(Hardcover) Fragile Objects: Soft Matter, Hard Science, and the Thrill of Discovery Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, Jacques Badoz (Hardcover(Hardcover)  Pierre Gilles de Gennes Cohesion in Metals (Cohesion and Structure, Vol 1) by F.R. De Boer Petit Point: A Candid Portrait on the Aberrations of Science by Pierre-Gilles De Gennes (Paperback  - October 

2004) Simple Views on Condesed Matter (Modern Condensed Matter Physics, 12) by Pierre-Gilles De Gennes, 

Pierre-Gilles De Gennes (Paperback) Simple Views on Condensed Matter by Pierre-Gilles De Gennes (Paperback) Introduction to Polymer Dynamics (Lezioni Lincee) by Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, Luigi A. Radicati di Brozolo 

(Series Editor) (Paperback)

Math Physics

Physics Conferences in Greece
International Topical Conference on Plasma Physics. ITCPP 2005, 2006 Greece.